July 09 updates to my DSP portfolio

I continue to make positive strides in my DSP portfolio. Here is an update on how my portfolio has done since my last post in May.

As with May, Oshkosh and Office Depot continue to be the leaders with the best returns. Texas Instruments has also turned a corner for the positive. The returns for PNM Resources and Oneok, Inc. have also improved since May. The new kid on the block, General Mills, has also performed well. Paychex is the only investment that has struggled since May.

As my previous post stated, I also added Cash America International (CSH) to my DSP portfolio, however, with only two months worth of purchases I have not included data for it in the above spreadsheet.

In June I suspended additional (direct monthly) investments in Oshkosh, Office Depot, and PNM Resources until some point in the future.

Additionally, utilizing the monies made available due to suspension of the above mentioned monthly investments, I initiated new investments in 3 more companies:
Conoco Phillips (COP) (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
CVS Caremark Corporation (CVS) (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
Flower Foods, Inc. (FLO) (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

More on Flower Foods, Inc in the next post.