Cost Basis Calculator

When you invest in a DSP or DRIP plan one of the challenges is to calculate the Cost Basis of the purchased shares when it comes time to sell all or a fraction of the shares. I did some selling in 2006 and quite a bit of clean up towards the end of 2007. I just completed my 2007 taxes last week and used a Cost Basis Spreadsheet I had created a couple of years ago to calculate my cost basis and net gain/(loss) for the shares I sold in 2007.

Below is an image of the spreadsheet I had put together. Click on the image to view a full screen. It is a fairly simple spreadsheet that shows my purchases and sale of shares in Schnitzer Steel. I categorized the cost basis and gain/(loss) calculation into short term and long term.

If you would like a copy of the spreadsheet shoot me an email (there is a link in my complete profile) and I will send it to you.

It's been a long time

It has been a long time since my last post. Had a lot of family health & financial issues to deal with. Things have improved over the last few weeks and I am finally finding time to get back to updating my blog. Since last August I have pared back my holdings, both in Direct Stock Purchase (DSP) plans and Brokerage accounts. By the end of last year I had reduced my DSP holdings from:

  1. Aqua America (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

  2. Caterpillar (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

  3. Duke Energy (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

  4. Exxon Mobil (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

  5. Paychex (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

  6. Pfizer (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

  7. Limited Inc. (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)


  1. Duke Energy (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

  2. Pfizer (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

Last month I signed up for two new DSP plans:

  1. Oneok Inc. (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

  2. PNM Resources Inc. (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

Among the above 4 DSP plans I currently participate in, on a monthly basis I contribute:

  • $75 to Duke Energy
  • $75 to Oneok Inc.
  • $100 to Pfizer
  • $100 to PNM Resources
On a related note, I opened custodial accounts for my children, one in Scottrade and one in Sharebuilder. I took advantage of the Costco special for new Sharebuilder accounts. Click here to read more about this special offer to Costco members. Costco members who open new individual, joint or custodial accounts with ShareBuilder will receive a $55 cash bonus deposited to their Sharebuilder account.

I bought shares for the following two companies in the custodial accounts:

  1. Manitowoc Company (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

  2. Perficient, Inc. (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)