Cost Basis Calculator

When you invest in a DSP or DRIP plan one of the challenges is to calculate the Cost Basis of the purchased shares when it comes time to sell all or a fraction of the shares. I did some selling in 2006 and quite a bit of clean up towards the end of 2007. I just completed my 2007 taxes last week and used a Cost Basis Spreadsheet I had created a couple of years ago to calculate my cost basis and net gain/(loss) for the shares I sold in 2007.

Below is an image of the spreadsheet I had put together. Click on the image to view a full screen. It is a fairly simple spreadsheet that shows my purchases and sale of shares in Schnitzer Steel. I categorized the cost basis and gain/(loss) calculation into short term and long term.

If you would like a copy of the spreadsheet shoot me an email (there is a link in my complete profile) and I will send it to you.


Anonymous said...
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Al said...

Can i get a copy of the spreadsheet, please?


Direct Stock Purchaser said...

Can you send me an email, my address is in my profile. I can reply back to your email with the spreadsheet.